Discovery Studios, Shark Week

Hired by Discovery Studios for Shark Week’s Alien Sharks: Return the Abyss. Contract involved returning to the Southern Indian Ocean to collect more data from bycatch accidentally caught by a licensed fishery in 2014.

Shark Week 2014

Shark Week 2014

2 thoughts on “Discovery Studios, Shark Week

  1. Hi Paul,
    My six year old son is obsessed with your episode on Sharkweek. He’s watched other Sharkweek shows, but your Episode about Alien Sharks has been on replay AT LEAST once a day since it aired. Thank goodness for DVR.

    He also told me your last name to google you. He’s in first grade but loves facts and is very advanced in his education. I asked him if he wanted to be an oceanographer when he grows up. He said, “no… I want to be Paul Clerkin when I grow up.”

    So thank you for inspiring my son beyond his previous aspirations. I appreciate what he’s learned from watching you. Do you happen to come down towards Los Angeles for any lectures we might be able to go to?

    Thanks again for inspiring youth.

  2. Hello Vanessa,

    I am so glad that your son enjoyed the episode on Shark Week. I remember when I was six years old I would watch anything and everything to do with sharks.

    It sounds like you son is very scientifically minded, but more importantly curious and passionate. I am flattered to have had an influence on your son’s aspirations and I am sure he will succeed in whatever career his heart takes him.

    I will definitely let you know if find myself in the LA area and would be pleased to meet you and your son.

    Thank you for your kind words and support.



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